Earn Additional Income From Connect 365 By Sharing Our Bootcamp On Creating An Automated Sales Process With Your Audience! 

Watch The Video Above To Learn How To Earn 25% Commission on Every Monthly $47 Payment For the Lifetime of Every Connect 365 Subscription You Refer! Over 50% conversion from Bootcamp Attendee to subscriber.

IMPORTANT: If you have already partnered with us in the past please reach out to us directly at Partners@LinkedSelling.com and we'll get you your login details. If you sign up again it will create a new referral partner account for you and a ton of headaches for us. :)

Partner Program Overview

The primary vehicle to promote Connect 365 is through our free 5-day Sales Automation Bootcamps where we work with registrants to build an Automated Sales Process to generate a massive lists of prospects, work these prospects through automated messaging sequences, and book bonafide sales appointments...

...all on autopilot, using our automated email tool, Connect 365.

The next bootcamp is from Monday, September 9 to Friday, September 13.

The goal for each bootcamp is 2 fold:

1. Help all registrants actually get RESULTS before the bootcamp is completed. If they follow all of our instructions, they should have sales appointments booked before the end of the week. 
2. Get all registrants to take a trial of Connect 365. The system we teach in the bootcamp is directly related to being able to automate their outreach.

The Bootcamp is normally priced at $997 but during this promotional period, we’re offering it for free. On top of that, our Bootcamp members will get a free 14-Day test-drive of our Connect 365 software, to immediately implement what they’ve learned in the Bootcamp, with nothing to lose.

The results are staggering. We are seeing over 50% conversion from attendee to trial. And 55% of trials saying on after their trial is up.

You'll earn 25% commission on every billed month for the duration your referrals are members!

Here is the daily breakdown of the September 2019 Bootcamp:


Getting Started - How to Build the Foundation of Your Automated Sales Process


Prospecting Automation: How to fill the top of your funnel with ease.


Messaging Strategies: How to create messaging that you can use over and over again for every prospect.


Your Automated Messaging Machine To Get More Leads & Clients On Autopilot


Scaling the Machine: How to Get New Clients and Opportunities from Your Automated Sales Process Week-after-Week

Ready To Make Some $$$?

Click The Button Below To Become A Connect 365 Partner & Earn 25% Commission For The Lifetime Your Referrals Are Members

Who is the Ideal Fit For The Bootcamp?

This Is Perfect For Professionals Looking To...

  • Automate Prospect Outreach
  • Automate Sales Follow Up
  • Nurture Warm Leads
  • Book More Sales Appointments or Consultations
  • Attract New JV Partners
  • Simplify Their Sales Process
  • Cut Out Unnecessary Complexity In Their Marketing

New to LinkedSelling & Connect 365?
Here's What You Should Know About Us.

Founded by CEO Josh Turner, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, LinkedSelling is the world’s foremost B2B marketing and lead generation company.

We have made the INC 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States for THREE years running and, most recently, have been listed as one of Entrepreneur’s 360 top entrepreneurial companies in America. Featured in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, Mixergy, Entrepreneur magazine, and more, we are also Digital Marketer’s go-to LinkedIn experts for their DM Faculty Program.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with a team of 50 employees, we work with agency clients from around the world, in over 19 different industries, to generate hundreds of millions in revenue.  Connect 365 was built out of necessity. Our clients needed a better solution to get leads & clients without spending all of the time doing so... but nothing like that existed. So we built it.

And, as you’ll see below, we have a great history of working with high level joint-venture partners. 

Meet Some Of Our Partners

We've Partnered With Some of the Top Names In The Game. Here's a Taste...

“Working with Josh’s team is a joy. Our customers have been raving about working with Josh and his team, and now in fact WE are working with Josh to help us with our strategy. His stuff is effective and it works, and that’s why we’re working with him"

Ryan Levesque
CEO & Founder, The Ask Method Company

"LinkedIn is a mystery to most people — but Josh Turner has it figured out. Whenever I have a question about anything regarding LinkedIn I turn to Josh and his team."

Russ Henneberry
Director of Editorial, Digital Marketer

"Josh, is what my dad would call a ‘salt-of-the-earth’ guy. He and his team are really good at what they do and they treat people right. Their agency is helping me build out our system of client-getting from LinkedIn for 90 Day Year Coaching & our Certified Partner Program 

Todd Herman
Creator, The 90 Day Year

“I know of few people who are more capable of teaching how to quickly scale up a business than Josh. Few have actually achieved what Josh Turner has - moving quickly from six figures to multiple six figures, to 7 figures and beyond in the span of a few short years. What's more, Josh is the complete package - he has a rare combination of sincerity and good work ethic, and the team he's put together is the same."

John Corcoran
Founder, Small Business Revolution & Rise25

"Josh Turner and his team at LinkedSelling came alongside me to assess how I was using my own LinkedIn account and — WOW! I was leaving a lot on the table! With the few tweaks that they suggested, my stats went through the roof and the effectiveness of my communication was instantly measurably improved."

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on TV's Shark Tank & The Inventor of The Infomercial

"I give my highest recommendation to LinkedSelling. Their process for follow up and lead generation is flawless, and doesn’t leave a crumb on the table. And their product is EXCELLENT. They deliver on their promises."

Daniel Hall
Owner, Daniel Hall Presents

How To Promote

While You'll Earn Commission On Connect 365 Subscriptions... The Best Way To Spread The Word Is To Invite Your Friends, Family, and Audience To Sign Up Our Free Bootcamp On How To "Create an Automated Sales Process in Just 5 Days!" We'll Take Care Of The Rest.


You Spread The Word About The Bootcamp

Once you sign up to be a partner, share your affiliate link to register for the bootcamp with clients, email your list, post on social media, write blog posts, create videos, or even run advertising campaigns.


They Register For The Bootcamp

When someone clicks your link (and ideally signs up for the bootcamp) they will be cookied for 90 days. Meaning that even if they do not become a Connect 365 member right away, they will still be attributed to your affiliate account.


They Start Their Connect 365 Test Drive

At the beginning of the Bootcamp, clients will start their free 14-day trial of Connect 365. Your commission comes once they continue with the paid subscription of $47/month, which will activate after the 14-day trial.


They Get Results. 
You Get Paid.

As they work through the system that we teach in the sales automation bootcamp and start getting results chances are they will continue on as a paid member. And you'll see 25% commission hit the PayPal account on every monthly billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly am I sending my audience to?

How much is the Connect 365 subscription?

What is the commission?

How will I get paid?

When will I get paid?

I’ve received some customer service related email questions. Who should I direct them to?

I have a question that’s not answered here. Who can help me?

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to Ariel Myers, your dedicated Partner Manager.

"Hello! Great to meet you.

Need help getting started? I’m here to help. Just send me an email and let’s talk. You can reach out to me at partners@linkedselling.com if you have any questions.

- Ariel Myers

Partner Manager, LinkedSelling

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