LinkedSelling Done-For-You LinkedIn Campaign Management Services Partner Program

(Manual Referral​ Option)

Our Service In A Nutshell

The agency side of our business takes the DIY out of lead generation and provides clients with a dedicated Account Manager to generate consistent, qualified leads. This product is for higher-ticket clients. You can either promote this service to your full audience using an affiliate link OR simply introduce us to prospects manually who you think would be a good fit.

Our average client contract is worth $15k and you can earn 5% commission for every client you send us with this program!

That’s $750 in additional income for you every time a referral signs on as a client.

Referral Instructions


Send the referral's email, phone number, and a bit of info about their business to our Director of Sales, Alison Baker, here:, cc


Make sure NOT to CC the prospect on the emails as Alison will not be talking with them directly. She will just review the lead and if they are a good fit we will have a sales rep reach out to them with 24 hours. 

*See FAQ section below for an overview of who is a good fit for this service


Collect 5% commission on every month payment. On average you will earn $750 for every referral who signs on as an Agency client. 

Already have someone in mind? Click the button below to send us an email with their contact information and we'll reach out within 24 hours on a business day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for this service?

The ideal fit for our LinkedIn Campaign Management Services is business owners who are in a position to process a consistent flow of leads. This is our high-ticket client, because the price point is significantly hire than our training programs. You should look for the following when considering the right fit:

  1. B2B (Business to business) - They sell a product or a service to benefit other businesses: IT, Consulting, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Web/app Dev, Marketing, Professional services
  2. Their prospects can be easily found on LinkedIn - using the advanced people search to verify their prospects are on LinkedIn
  3. High Average Lifetime Value of a Client - 20k and above is a slam dunk and 10-20k needs to be a little more vetted
  4. Have money to invest in done-for-you services

What am I sending my audience to?

Great question! When making a manual introduction you are simply just sending referrals to our Director of Sales, Alison Baker.  From there she will vet the prospect and make an intro to a member of our sales staff if they are deemed a good fit. 

This option is the best for anyone who has clients, colleagues, or acquaintances who could benefit from this service. It allows them to better service the client while generating revenue for their own business.   

If you would like to send a link to your audience in bulk to allow them to select a time to speak w/ someone from our sales team, you can get all of the details for that here.

How long does it take to get started?

You can get started as soon as today! All you have to do is shoot over your referrals contact info to our team and we'll do the rest.

You can promote as often as you’d like! The more sales you bring in, the more you earn.

How to I get paid?

PayPal is our preferred commission payout method. If that does not work for you we can discuss other ways to get you your commissions. We’ll reach out to get your preferred PayPal email as we get closer to the payout date.

How much does your LinkedIn Campaign Management Services Cost?

The pricing for our LinkedIn Campaign Management Service varies per client. Our average client contract is worth $15k for a 6-month engagement.

Our clients may cancel their service at anytime but there are no refunds on past payments.

What commission do I earn on each sale? How do I get paid?

You will receive 5% commission on each new LinkedIn Campaign Management Services client sale, and you earn 5% of the monthly ongoing fee, as the client pays.

This will be around $750 for a client who stays on for 6-months.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to Ariel Myers, your dedicated Partner Manager.

"Hello! Great to meet you.

Need help getting started? I’m here to help. Just send me an email and let’s talk. You can reach out to me at if you have any questions.

- Ariel Myers

Partner Manager, LinkedSelling

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