A Private Invitation To Participate In The 2020 Annual Launch Of The Appointment Generator

  • 2019 LAUNCH DATES: FEBRUARY 3 - 19, 2020

We're Going To Be Paying Out Millions Of Dollars In Commission & Prizes This Year. Claim Your Share And Earn Up to $827 In Additional Income Every Time One Of Your Referrals Joins The Appointment Generator. EPLs As High As $25!

So, What's This Launch All About...

Josh Turner here...

This launch is centered around the Feb. 4 re-release of the 2nd edition of my best-selling book, "Booked", and is all about educating your audience on one thing...

How to get more sales appointments, consultations, or strategy sessions using 100% organic strategies that leverage LinkedIn, personal email, and Facebook. 

We're positioning the pre-launch content as a 5-Part Appointment Generator Masterclass that is included with their copy of "Booked" as a bonus. 

This "Masterclass" was constructed to be a relentless learning experience for your audience that is interactive from start to finish to ensure that, no matter what level your peeps are, they leave each and every training with clear next steps.

Throughout book promotion & the 5-Part Appointment Generator Masterclass, we'll be holding an unprecedented amount of live training, workshops, and implementations labs that should skyrocket consumption of the material and result in HUGE commission checks for you. 

Here's the big question... why did we create all of this? Well, there's a big problem in our industry. For many Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Manufacturers, I.T. Firms, Commercial Construction Contractors, Accountants, etc., creating big, overly complex funnels are not the right fit. Their prospects are hard to reach. They require a more precise, personal touch in world of cold, faceless, automation. 

That's where The Appointment Generator and LinkedSelling can help. 

We help small to medium size business owners consistantly hook 5,6, and 7 figure contracts and break free from the cashflow roller coaster for good. 

We have more detailed descriptions below of all of the dates, content, prizes, etc. but here's a quick snapshot of need-to-know information for you. 


We’ve set up an excellent commission structure, where you’ll see 35% commission on every sale you send our way.

That means you'll earn a minimum of $699 for each sale you send our way.It gets even higher when you factor in payment plans. 


Our prize structure this year is also very unique to the space. You'll have an opportunity to earn more than you ever have for one of our launches. 

We're not ready to spill the beans yet. But we promise that, when you see what we have in store, you're going to want to queue up a few additional emails. :)


We This launch is something you could feel good about promoting to your mom. Meaning, the content is great and the system truly works. No "gross" feeling after hitting send on your emails because you don't believe in the product.

Our clients have generated over $100M in revenue from the system we are sharing. 

LinkedSelling is recognized as a world-class leader in helping businesses get off the cashflow roller coaster by providing tools and systems we’ve tested and proven time and time again with 1000s of success stories.

New to LinkedSelling & The Appointment Generator?
Here's What You Need to Know About Us.

Founded by CEO Josh Turner, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, LinkedSelling is the world’s foremost B2B marketing and lead generation company.

We have made the INC 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States for THREE years running and, most recently, have been listed as one of Entrepreneur’s 360 top entrepreneurial companies in America. Featured in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, Mixergy, Entrepreneur magazine, and more, we are also Digital Marketer’s go-to LinkedIn experts for their DM Faculty Program.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with a team of 50 employees, we work with agency clients from around the world, in over 19 different industries, to generate hundreds of millions in revenue. Every year we also teach thousands of students how to implement a reliable system using LinkedIn to generate a steady stream of cost effective and high-quality leads for their businesses month after month.

And, as you’ll see below, we have a great history of working with high level joint-venture partners. 

Meet Some of Our Partners

“Working with Josh’s team is a joy. Our customers have been raving about working with Josh and his team, and now in fact WE are working with Josh to help us with our strategy. His stuff is effective and it works, and that’s why we’re working with him"

Ryan Levesque
CEO & Founder, The Ask Method Company

"LinkedIn is a mystery to most people — but Josh Turner has it figured out. Whenever I have a question about anything regarding LinkedIn I turn to Josh and his team."

Russ Henneberry
Director of Editorial, Digital Marketer

"Josh, is what my dad would call a ‘salt-of-the-earth’ guy. He and his team are really good at what they do and they treat people right. Their agency is helping me build out our system of client-getting from LinkedIn for 90 Day Year Coaching & our Certified Partner Program 

Todd Herman
Creator, The 90 Day Year

“I know of few people who are more capable of teaching how to quickly scale up a business than Josh. Few have actually achieved what Josh Turner has - moving quickly from six figures to multiple six figures, to 7 figures and beyond in the span of a few short years. What's more, Josh is the complete package - he has a rare combination of sincerity and good work ethic, and the team he's put together is the same."

John Corcoran
Founder, Small Business Revolution & Rise25

"Josh Turner and his team at LinkedSelling came alongside me to assess how I was using my own LinkedIn account and — WOW! I was leaving a lot on the table! With the few tweaks that they suggested, my stats went through the roof and the effectiveness of my communication was instantly measurably improved."

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on TV's Shark Tank & The Inventor of The Infomercial

"I give my highest recommendation to LinkedSelling. Their process for follow up and lead generation is flawless, and doesn’t leave a crumb on the table. And their product is EXCELLENT. They deliver on their promises."

Daniel Hall
Owner, Daniel Hall Presents

Over the last 3 years we've had 150+ JV Partners and have done over $8M in launch revenue.  If you haven't heard much about us and you're wondering "What do all these big players know that I don't?"... here's the deal.  

We're not like most marketers.  The biggest part of our business is our done-for-you agency where we help clients generate leads via LinkedIn. 

In fact, a number of the people you'll see on our leaderboards are clients of ours.  We work with companies like Microsoft, people like Neil Patel and Dane Maxwell, and many small and medium sized businesses all over the world.  The systems we teach in The Appointment Generator are the same processes that we use to generate boatloads of leads for our clients. 

What it really boils down to is that our processes are very unique in the market, and fill a critical gap.  Your peeps will LOVE you for introducing us.  

And when you work with us...the commission checks are significant.